We work with customers to dispose of and recycle technology.

About Us

Maxxum is a Minnesota-based technology asset services firm offering a potent blend of strategic partnerships, compliance expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the technology asset market.

For nearly 20 years, Maxxum has provided concrete value and peace of mind for some of the biggest names in business across the entire U.S.

We're a trusted partner for the entire technology asset lifecycle. We provide comprehensive services for technology planning, asset procurement, implementation, support, and end-of-life management.

Our hallmarks:

Risk mitigation. We don't just mitigate risk from a data privacy perspective; we actually indemnify our clients from liability after we take possession of disposed assets. That's why Maxxum clients breathe easier.

Compliance assurance. Stringent compliance regulations keep many companies from doing away with outdated assets. Let us help you move forward. It's our job to stay on top of the rules and manage the regulatory aspects as well as the logistical aspects of your computer recycling.

Creating value. We help our clients secure the right technology assets at the right price—and when they're ready to upgrade or reconfigure, we work to recover any remaining value from the disposed assets.

This industry is constantly changing. We've evolved at the speed of technology, and we're committed to being one step ahead.

We recently conducted a research study to better understand your world and how we can make technology disposal easier and safer. View a copy of our white paper now!