We work with customers to dispose of and recycle technology.

Technology Recycling

Eliminate old assets. Maintain security. Create value.

Retiring electronics shouldn't mean giving up security or value. We're industry leaders in technology recycling because we won't let you compromise. 

At Maxxum, we're committed to smart, strategic partnerships with our clients. We stay up-to-date on laws and regulations regarding data privacy and environmental responsibility. We develop and support industry best practices in compliance, remarketing, recycling and reporting.

Here's a snapshot of some of the data destruction and technology recycling services currently helping our clients:

Let us help you build a comprehensive and cost-effective risk management program that will eliminate potential data and environmental breaches. A program offers a secure and provable chain of custody with thorough documentation.

Technology assets (such as PCs, laptops, and servers) that are less than three to four years old have resale value. We can work to recoup that value on your behalf through our robust remarketing channels.

We provide a Certificate of Electronic Equipment Destruction (CEED) for all recycled technology assets.

Our detailed documentation makes it easy to prove compliance with all laws and regulations.

Our transportation and storage solutions are secure and in compliance with all regulatory mandates, so you never have to worry about fines or data breaches.

Not sure how to start developing a compliant technology recycling program?  Let Maxxum be your guide through the process.  



New equipment deployment ties up valuable resources. Let Maxxum take it off your hands. We can save time, cost, and innumerable headaches.



Maxxum is your partner in risk mitigation. We're with you through the entire lifecycle of your computers, electronics and all technology, providing valuable support and guidance during acquisition, disposal, and during any custody change.



Let us help you create value with responsibly, productively managed e-waste. We offer comprehensive services for the entire lifecycle, from capital planning to end-of-life disposal.