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The Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory enforcement agencies have cited the lack of written policies in assessing recent fines for violations of data destruction requirements. The NAID Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit, created by security, legal and information management professionals, provides the easiest, most comprehensive system for developing written information destruction policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements and protect your organization.

According to Robert Johnson NAID’s executive director. “For some organizations, the policy on information destruction amounts to a single sentence, advising employees to destroy sensitive information properly before discarded. In today’s social and business climate, that simply does not provide sufficient direction to employees who are dealing with many forms of media from any number of sources.

The Toolkit contains sample polices and procedures for training, authorization, and destruction for the full range of conventional media forms including paper records, computers, magnetic tapes, optical and micro media. In addition the Toolkit includes sample forms, templates, and other resources useful in implementing the policy.

Maxxum - NAID® Compliance Toolkit

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