Refreshing Your Tech? Know Your Risk

September 15, 2015

Risk Calculator

Is your company refreshing its technology assets? In this day and age of data theft, it’s important for you and your company to know that your data doesn’t die simply because it’s unplugged and leaves the building. Cyber-attacks and data breach stories are grabbing too many headlines lately, and if you’re not worried about how you’re disposing of your used technology assets – you should be.

Pop culture has grabbed on and glorified cyber hacking and stolen data with television shows like CSI: Cyber and this summer’s smash cable hit, Mr. Robot.

Data thieves are the modern-day pickpockets, but they don’t need to get close to you. They can steal your information from a laptop in their living room, or by harvesting data you thought was erased by purchasing computers once used by your business.

So we’ll ask again, is your company refreshing its technology assets? Maxxum is here to help. Fill out our quick risk-assessment form that’s designed to help you understand your organization’s potential risk as it relates to technology disposal and asset disposal.

When completed, you will be provided with a score and a recommendation. Maxxum is in the business of maintaining privacy and protecting your information. You can be certain that information collected for this risk assessment will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our company.

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